Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What I learnt from my Spring trip 2012

I learnt and gained a lot in this trip.  How can I ever repay the kindness from people whom I never knew.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart and I wish them well in their lives.  One very important lesson that I learnt in this trip. Never ever assume the people beside you do not understand what you said. 
I was on a very jam-packed subway.  Two young Korean girls were standing beside me.  At a certain station, a group of young foreigners entered the train. This group of young foreigners consisted of 5 guys and 2 girls.  Suddenly, one of the guy said to his friend,"Wooo...I could feel her butt rubbing against mine." His friend laughed at his remarks and both of them continued with their obscene conversation about the girl's butt.  They spoke English especially the chap who initiated the conversation spoke loud and clear in the train.  Apparently, the Korean girl did not understand what they said because she was still happily chatting with her friend.  I stared hard at the young chaps but they thought I did not hear or understand them since I had my earpiece in my ears.  I felt the urge to tell the Korean girl but how should I tell her?  There wasn't much space for her to shift her position.  If she has understood what he said, she would have reacted.  I really felt like telling off the chap but would he hit me?  They have 5 guys. I felt extremely pissed off and lousy for not doing anything. 
The group of young foreigners got off after two stations. Till now, I still regret not doing anything for the girl.  If I were to encounter such incident again(I hope not), I hope I can deal with it tactfully. This incident is not to penalise any nationality but don't you think such behaviour brings shame to themselves and the country they came from?  When we are overseas, what we do reflects not only on ourselves but also our own country. 

Finally, I completed my posts for Spring trip 2012. I can now devote my time and concentrate on my planning for the upcoming trip ^^  Its 53 days to my next trip but I haven't start my research!!  *sweat  


  1. I was randomly browsing through the site and I happened to have a read on your blog! ^^
    Seems like we had spent both our Spring season'12 in Jinhae too! (just that I have yet to post my entries as I had been too busy with work).

    Just a comment.
    I do agree with you that Never assume that no one understands what you're saying beside you in Korea. I do happen to be reading the map with ?? in my brain on the train one particular day in Seoul, a kind korean actually helped me even though we were like a chicken & duck communicating.
    Do becareful at night over there as well, and same goes for clubs in Korea. There's a huge difference bwt clubbing in SG and KR~

    Have fun for your upcoming try~ ^^

  2. Hi Yyann,
    wat a small world. U were at Jinhae too ^^ I tried to update my blog before I forget the little details. Thanks for ur advice. I'll take note of that ^^