Wednesday, 31 December 2014

13 Sep 2014 - Meet up with Jihye ^^

It was Saturday. 
My dear Jihye made her way down from Suwon to Hongdae to meet me. 
Thank you dear ^^ 
We went to this Saju Cafe, 재미난조각가 at Hongdae.
According to Jihye, this place is very popular and there is one lady master who is very good in her reading. There was a super long queue for this lady master that day. If we wanted her to read our fortunes, we will need to wait till late evening...zzzzzzz....
Jihye was fine with any master, so we waited for the next available one. We waited about 40mins before a lady master came along. While waiting, we ordered some drinks (which was expected of us). 
I did not have my saju read but I tried another type of reading just for fun. Something like tarot reading but the lady master used flag gods instead of cards. The feeling was not really good. I felt it was too commercialised. I think I paid about 20000 won?? Conversations between the masters and customers was carried out openly across the table, which is common in most of the Saju places in Korea. You can hear the conversation from the next table. No privacy. They do not have English speaking master around. Jihye translated for me. 
After the reading, we went to 치킨인더키친 Chicken In The Kitchen for dinner. 
The bright orange building makes it easy to identify the place ^^

반반치킨 Half Half Chicken in order to try both flavours ^^
Hot & Sweet Chilli and Original flavour.
SOOOooooo yummy!! 

The route to take from Hongik Univ Station, exit 8.
So happy to see Jihye once again.  
Till we meet again, take good care and may all your dreams be fulfilled in 2015 ^^

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