Saturday, 27 December 2014

10 Sep 2014 - Dinner at D-Cube City

I met up with 란 for dinner at the Korean Food Street located in D-Cube City. It was a last minute arrangement and we decided to settle somewhere near her workplace. Poor 란 has to work overtime despite Chuseok. So touched that she actually made time for me even though it was a very short meet up. 고마워 ^^

닭강정 Dakgangjeong ^^
My eyes was glued to this as we walked around the foodcourt to decide what to eat.
Yes!  닭강정 Dakgangjueong it shall be ^^
란 suggested 짬뽕 jjamppong as well.
Both of us agreed that the 닭강정 Dakgangjueong was really good. 
란 find that the 짬뽕 jjamppong had a fishy taste.
Although 란 had to rush back to work, she insisted that we should have tea or something to drink before we bid good bye....I felt bad to take up her time but really touched at the same time. I chose to have my drink from here becos it looks yummy.  
Strawberry yogurt drink for me and mango yogurt drink for 란.
Thank you so much for the lovely evening, my dear friend. 

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