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9 Sep 2014 - Getting back to Jangpyeong Bus Terminal

I took the bridge to cross the river for my returned trip ㅎㅎㅎ It was not difficult to cross the river using the wooden planks but I wanted to take a picture of the scene from the bridge ㅋㅋㅋ
That was the Information Counter(as shown by the arrow) near the junction as mentioned in my earlier post. There was another Information counter(on the left) but there was nobody inside. I approached the staff at the Information Counter for the location of the bus stop to go back to Jangpyeong Bus Terminal. From the way they described the directions, it sounded complicated. They told me the next bus will only arrive at 1.35pm when it was only 12.44pm then. Oh way. I decided to check out the stalls before taking the cab back to the bus terminal. They offered to call the cab for me after I am done. That's so nice of them!!

Something caught my attention! 곤드레! I can buy this for 곤드레비빔밥 Gondeure bibimbap if you remember I asked my teacher how to cook this dish during the cooking class . 10000 won for a big pack.  I thought this was cheap.

Nothing much to see. I went back to the Information Counter and the staff gladly made the call for me. They told me the cab could not drive in due to the festival and guided me to this Hanmaeum Mart to wait for the cab. This Hanmaeum Mart was about 2 mins walk from the Information Counter. The cab arrived shortly after I reached here.
I got on the taxi at 1.02pm. No time printed on the bus ticket. The counter staff wrote down the time on the ticket when I asked her for the departure time.  
There is only one small waiting area to queue for buses(as shown by the arrow).
You got to keep a look out for your bus.
This was the bus back to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. If you are standing at the back of the queue, you might not be able to see the destination that is stated on the windscreen of the buses. I am not asking you to cut queue but stay alert. This bus arrived at 1.25pm and drove off at 1.32pm. It stopped at Yeoju Service Area 여주휴게소 at 3.02pm for toilet break and drove off at 3.20pm. We reached Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at 4.32pm.

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