Sunday, 28 December 2014

11 Sep 2014 - A cafe near my apartment

Classes resumed today after a good holiday break. I walked to my school and will pass by this cafe near my apartment everyday, Monday to Friday. Had been eyeing at their honeycake since the first day I saw this cafe and finally got my chance today ^^ 
I assumed that's the boss at the bar counter. Very attentive guy. A customer was feeling unwell and almost lost her balance at the entrance. He went up to her immdiately and make sure she is ok enough to leave the cafe.   

My much anticipated honeycake ^^
The boss took the initiative to tell me the wifi password as he served my food.
It may mean nothing to you but to me, it says a lot of a person.
In this case, I think the boss is quite sensitive to his customers' needs.
The honeycake was a great disappointment...
It did not taste aweful but its not what I have expected.
The texture tasted like rice cake, unlike normal cakes.
This was my first time to eat a honeycake.
 Does it usually taste different from normal cakes?
Do enlighten me.
The cheapest so far to eat in a cafe cos I took the set.
Though I was disappointed with my honeycake but I like the ambiance of the cafe.

Ok, its time for me to go back to the school becos we get to watch a free Nanta show in the afternoon.
Free transport provided to fetch us from the school to the theater at Chungjeongno.
My classmates and I managed to get seats close to each other ^^

Now I know why I have not watch a Nanta show before lol cos the cheapskate me has been waiting for a free ticket! The show was very entertaining but some of my classmates felt the duration was a bit too long. Can't remember how long it was but yeah a little too long for me too. Nevertheless, as an audience I can feel the great effort and hardwork put in by the performers to bring laughter to their audiences. Great job!

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