Thursday, 11 December 2014

8 Sep 2014 - Getting to Hyosa-gil 효사길

I took the subway to Heukseok Station and walked straight from exit 4.
Keep on walking straight.

Passed by this police station.
Yup. Just keep on walking straight.

It took me about 10-15mins to reach here.
Turn left at the end of the road.
You will see this building when you turn left at the bend.
Walk as directed in the picture.
Walk up the gentle slope. 

Almost there when you saw this mural.
Walk a bit further up.
And you will see this resting area.
I took the route that is shown by the yellow arrow.
It felt more eerie than the one shown by the red arrow cos there were a lot of spider webs.
Take the slope on the left as shown by the red arrow, its cleaner.

Yup. I was on the right track.
Observatory that overlooks Seoul city ^^
It should be very nice to sit here and enjoy the night scenery.
This house has one of the best outdoor balcony *envy*

Nothing much in the neighbourhood except for the observatory.
Time to go back to cook dinner.
Simple but tasty vegetarian dinner of curry (using curry mix from Homeplus) and 열무김치.
Okie, time for revision!

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