Sunday, 21 December 2014

9 Sep 2014 - Getting to 평창 효석문화제 Hyoseok Cultural Festival

It was the third day of Chuseok. Bought the bus ticket from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal one day ahead just in case I couldn't get any ticket on the actual day of my trip. So what about my return ticket?? I can only try my luck at the returning Bus terminal, Jangpyeong Bus Terminal. Actually, I woke up late and reached Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at 7.06am when the departure time was supposed to be 7am. I went to the ticket counter. The staff checked the seat availability and issued me a new ticket with the new departure time at 7.30am. There was no additional fees incurred. So thankful to get a seat on the next available timing.  
I reached Jangpyeong Bus Terminal at about 9.30am.
I realised the bus was quite empty and hence, I concluded that it was not necessary for me to buy the bus ticket in advance. I can still buy it on the day of departure even though its still Chuseok holidays. Well, I can't say the same for all destinations though.
In case anyone out there needs this infor..

Usually , I only buy the return ticket just before I board the bus. Due to the festive season, I bought the ticket the moment I reached Jangpyeong Bus Terminal.  Actually, I think its not necessary. Moreover, the staff wrote the next available time of departure on the ticket.  I told her I wanted a later time and she wrote the time I requested on the ticket. 
KTO was very kind to give me maps on getting to the bus stop to get to the festive ground.  However, I realised its kinda hard to locate the bus stop since I was not sure which direction to go. To save time, I took the cab. Plenty of them outside the bus terminal. 
Direction given by KTO to the festive ground by bus.
Once again, many thanks to KTO(Korea).
Direction given by KTO to go back to Jangpyeong Bus Terminal from the festive ground by bus. 
I got on the cab at 9.48am and reached the festive ground at 10am. It cost me 10400won. I could have reached here earlier becos the cab uncle drove me to a nearby market even though I told him "평창 효석문화제". Luckily I grabbed a copy of the festival brochure at the bus terminal.  I showed him the brochure and he drove me here. I was still very thankful to him. He was a kind uncle :)  I got off the cab at this junction and walked towards the direction as shown by the arrow. 
This is the brochure I showed to the cab uncle. 
He asked me,"꽃?"  I replied,"네!"
As marked by the red arrow, there was an Information Counter at the junction where I got off the cab. I walked towards location number 1, 2 and 3.
To get to location 1, 2 and 3, you have to cross a river.  There were 3 ways to cross the river. The easiest way was to take the bridge as shown by the red arrow. The other 2 alternatives were either to take the wooden planks or the rock pavement(as shown by the blue arrow).
The wooden planks on the left and the rock pavement on the right.
Which is easier for you??
I chose to take the wooden planks becos I felt the rock pavement could be rather slippery.
Some people gave up and walked over to the rock pavement to cross the river. I think they gave up becos the wooden planks got quite shaky and unstable when you stepped on it.

Another reason why I didn't chose the rock pavement.
Shoes may get wet ㅋㅋㅋ


  1. hi there, i was wondering do you have the timetable for bus from Dong Seoul to Jangpyeong? how frequent is the bus?

    1. Hi Azra. What I took from some websites was not the updated timetable, so I think its not appropriate to share here. Maaf..