Sunday, 21 December 2014

9 Sep 2014 - Spending my Chuseok holiday at 평창 효석문화제

There was an admission fees of 2000won.

The reason why I came here ^^
For years, I wanted to come to see these flowers but the hot weather held me back.
I shouldn't miss this since I am here for my study trip this time ^^

Its well worth the trip here.
My dream has been fulfilled ^^

There were also activities set up for visitors to take part. One of the activities was to send a postcard back to your family and friends.  You don't have to pay for the postcards and the postage. Yes. Its free!  I sent one back to my parents and another one back to my supervisor who bugged me to post him a postcard from Korea. I told him if I ever have the chance to send him a nice postcard from Korea, it will be my resignation letter as well. I did of course but he doesn't believe me *sad* Actually, I was doubtful that the postcards can reach my parents and supervisor but it did!! It reached my parents and supervisor three weeks later.  I was already back in Sg a few days by then. That's okay for me ^^
Posting back the postcards ^^ 
Another activity to participate. 
Any idea what is this?
Some natural colour dyes from the flowers I guess.

Oohhh my favourite flower!!
Didn't expect to see them here!!

  So happy ^^

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