Thursday, 2 January 2014

18 Oct 2013 - Another little wish fulfilled ^^

I went to Y'Z Park(Hongdae) to check out movie ticket for the next day. Yup. I wanna watch a movie before flying back. A Korean movie of course. I dun care whether they have any English/Chinese subtitles. I just wanna watch a Korean comedy >_< This was my second wish for this trip. 

Huh??  Did you see what I see?
I was taking the escalator up to the ticket counters and this caught my attention instantly.
Kaya Toast??!!!
I supposed 스노우마운틴 Snowmounteen is a local brand??
I will come here to try their Kaya Toast in my next trip.
So I have to press for a queue number to buy my ticket?

"롤러 코스터 Roller Coaster" also known as "Fasten your seat belt".
Yup. I wanna watch this movie ^^
재, 이영화봤니?
I bought the ticket for the earliest timing and asked the counter staff, "How much?"
He said,"5000 won."
Only 5000 won??  So cheap!!"
Ya. That was my reaction when the young boy told me the price.
He laughed and explained morning shows are cheaper.
If I did not hear him wrongly, he said it is also 5000 won for morning shows on 
weekdays .
How much for our morning shows on weekends and weekdays??
About $11 and $8.50 respectively.
No such thing as $5....

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