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18 Oct 2013 - Where is the fortress??

I took the subway to Mongchontoseong station, exit 1.
Mongchontoseong is located inside the Olympic Park.

Walk towards this World Peace Gate when you come out from exit 1.
Lots of directional signs to guide you.

 귀엽다  ^^

Cross the bridge to get to 몽촌토성 산책로 Mongchon Earthern Fortress Promenade.

I was looking forward to see a fortess here but no sight of the fortress ㅠㅠ
Did I miss it?
Extracted from :

"Mongchontoseong Earthen Fortress is the remains of a once important area in the Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C. – 660 A.D.). The area was once the capital city of the Baekje Kingdom. On July the 22nd, 1982 Mongchontoseongwas designated as historic site No. 297. The fortress was built on raised land and used the protection of the river on one side with a fence built on the other side. Not much remains today of the Fortress and to most people the area looks like a nice park with hills. The fortress totalled 2.7 km in length. The fortress is now connected to the Olympic Park. The excavation of the area began before the Olympic Park was built."
I saw a number of planes here but they dun look like the normal passenger planes.
They looked like military planes to me.

There are a few hiking trails along the Mongchon Earthern Fortress.
Nice and peaceful surrounding makes it very relaxing to take a stroll here.

Another plane..
비행기...비행기....비행기......너무보고 싶어....

What's that???
Oh! We have a friend here ^^
Hodori Train.
From the brochure, it states the operating hours for this train is from 10.30am till 6.30pm.
Service intervals of one hour.
I bought this from the convenient store just now becos I was craving for 떡 tteok.
Yeah..I dun really like 
 until this trip and now I actually crave for it!!!
The rice cake was really soft and nice but the red bean paste filling was too sweet...

Grand Mint Festival?
What's that?
Ok, i got this from

"This festival is organized by Mint Paper, a cultural portal community to search for modern and emotional lifestyle. They share trivial life stories while being operated without any assistance from the local government or any other corporations. This organization’s main priority is music but it is trying to feature various fields such as photography, travel, performances and shopping."
That should be the Meeting Plaza.
Olympic Park Station, exit 3 will be on your left along the road side.

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