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19 Oct 2013 - 도시락 for lunch ^^

I took the subway to Gyeongbokgung Station, exit 2 for lunch at 통인시장 Tongin Market. Walk straight down from exit 2.

Along the way, I saw the popular 토속촌 Tosokchon on my left.
Wow...It was about 2pm and there was still a long queue.
The entrance of 통인시장 will be on your left.
It took me about 8 mins from exit 2 to reach here.
To get to the Dosirak cafe, walk straight down.
Keep a lookout for the cafe entrance on your right.

This is the entrance to the cafe.
Take the stairs up.
The door on your right was where I bought my "coins". You will need to buy a set of "coins" in order to buy your food from the different stall vendors. It is recommended to buy KRW5000 worth of coins. 
You will be given an empty plastic tray for your Dosirak after purchasing this set of coins. I think each "coin" is worth 500 won. Next, head out to the market and look for participating stall vendors who accept the coins as payment. BTW, the lady told me two "coins" for the soup and rice. The soup and rice are to be collected at the cafe when you have finished choosing the dishes for your dosirak. I have to keep at least two "coins" for the soup and rice?

The sign, "도시락 cafe" shows that this vendor accepts the "coins" for payment.

This stall appeared to be very popular.
I don't really fancy 떡볶이 Tteokbokki but this one looks delicious!
Quickly zoomed in to "steal" this picture from one of the customers ㅋㅋㅋ
So tempted to eat this but I knew I won't be able to finish it with my 도시락 ㅠㅠ
I was also very tempted to try this as well!!!
Her 만두 was snapped up fast.

I spent my first three "coins" on 계란 말이(rolled omelette) and spam.
Which means I have five "coins" left.
I walked over to this stall.
Oh!! 잡채 Japchae!! 감자 
 Potatoes!! 재육 볶음 Jeyu bokkeum!!!
Omggg I liked all of them!!

I dun have enough "coins"!!
I was left with one "coin" after getting the 잡채 Japchae and 재육 볶음 Jeyu bokkeum ㅠㅠ 
So I had to decide to forgo the rice or the soup..
This Korea lady in front of me used cash to pay for her rice. actually, I can use cash if I used up my "coins" ^^
What a sumptuous lunch ㅋㅋㅋ
The soup was Kimchi soup.  It tasted a bit bland...
The spam tasted more like flour than meat.
Despite these, I  really enjoyed this meal very much becos it felt like home cooked food to me. 

It was already 2.40pm but the cafe was still fully packed with both tourists and locals. Fortunately, I managed to get a seat. There are more seats upstairs. I did not realised it until I settled down. 
Put back your tray and utensils after eating.
I couldn't get 떡 Tteok off my mind even though I was already full....

And I bought these.. does not look very nice here but I want to show you what's inside.
I liked them all especially the green tea flavour. full...

I walked back to Gyeongbokgung Station, exit 2 and checked out this food street which I saw earlier.
 It was about 2-3 mins walk from exit 2.
동태찜. I think its something like a fish stew.
Eatery selling 곱창 Gopchang (Intestines)and 순대‎ Sundae (Blood Sausage).
This eatery selling 칼국수 Kalguksu looks popular. 
Nothing much in this alley except eateries but since its way over lunch and too early for dinner, the eateries looked a bit quiet.

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