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19 Oct 2013 - 마포만두 에서 저녁 식사

I took the subway to Hapjeong Station, exit 2 for my dinner at 마포만두.
Make a 180 degree left turn at exit 2.

and you will see 마포만두.

Yup  마포만두 Mapo Mandu.
I think 마포만두 has several branches in Seoul.
  1. 바지락칼국수 Clam Noodles
  2. 비빔냉면 Bibim Naengmyeon
  3. 물냉면 Naengmyeon
  4. 쫄면 Jjolmyeon 
  5. 참치 국수 Tuna Noodles 
  6. 해물우동 Seafood Udon
  7. 우동 Udon
  8. 만두 라면 Mandu Ramyeon
  9. 치즈라면 Cheese Ramyeon
  10. 떡라면 Tteok Ramyeon
  11. 라면 Ramyeon
  12. 육개장 Yukgaejang (I think they use beef here)
  13. 비빔밥 Bibimbap
  14. 제육덮밥 Stir fried spicy pork with rice
  15. 오징어덮밥 Stir fried spicy squid with rice
  16. 카레덮밥 Curry with rice
  17. 해물순두부 Seafood Sundubu
  18. 순두부 Sundubu
  19. 황태떡만두국 Hwangtae Tteok Mandu Guk (I think 황태 is some kind of fish. This dish is something like Pollack with Tteok and Mandu all in a bowl of soup ㅋㅋㅋ.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.)
  20. 황태만두국 Hwangtae Mandu Guk (I think this will be pollack and mandu soup. Pleaseeee correct me if I am wrong.)
  21. 황태떡국 Hwangtae Tteok Guk ( this I guess will be pollack and tteok soup. Pleasseeee Pleaseee correct me if I am wrong.)
They have a wide variety on their menu but menu is in Korean only. 
21. 갈비만두 Galbi Mandu
22. 고기만두 Pork Mandu(I think its pork but I'm not very sure.)
23. 김치만두 Kimchi Mandu
24. 개성만두 Gaeseong Mandu (I think it consists of pork and some cabbage)
25. 모듬만두 Assorted Mandu
26. 찹쌀순대 Sundae (I think so)
27. 쌀떡볶이 Tteokbokki
28. 야채 김밥 Vegetables Kimbap
29. 오뎅 (2 sticks)
30. 바지락칼국수 Clam Noodles
31. 비빔냉면 Bibim Naengmyeon
32. 물냉면 Naengmyeon
33. 쫄면 Jjolmyeon (I wonder what's the difference between Bibimbap Naengmyeon and Jjolmyeon. Here's the recipe for Jjolmyeon from Aeriskitchen.)
34. 참치 국수 Tuna Noodles 
35. 해물우동 Seafood Udon
36. 우동 Udon
37. 만두 라면 Mandu Ramyeon
38. 치즈라면 Cheese Ramyeon
39. 떡라면 Tteok Ramyeon
40. 라면 Ramyeon
Place your order at the cashier and pay at the cashier when you have finished eating.
I was very hungry!!
So I ordered 개성만두 Gaeseong Mandu and 오징어덮밥 Stir fried spicy squid with rice.

오징어덮밥 was delicious but quite spicy for me ㅋㅋㅋ
I like the squid cos its very "Q" ie very chewy.
개성만두 Gaeseong Mandu.
I couldn't finish all the mandu....
...but I could not resist not to order becos almost every table ordered a tray of mandu.
Looks good but taste ok lah...
I still prefer Dim Sum ㅋㅋㅋ
No regrets to order though.
At least, I tried their mandu before ^^ 

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