Monday, 13 January 2014

Can we have this program in SG as well???

Saw a piece of good news from just now.

"The government has stepped forward to help workers have a relaxing, refreshing get-away all while incurring a smaller financial burden. 
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) will soon kick-start a program to have companies and organizations support half the expense that their workers spend on domestic leave.

Through this program, workers will be given a special “travel card” onto which their companies can put money. The government encourages companies to cover up to 50 percent of an employee’s total domestic travel expenses. Vacationers can use this special card to make reservations, at leisure facilities, theme parks or on transportation during their time off. 
The culture ministry has designated the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as the program’s organizer. The KTO will launch a test-operation targeting some 3,500 workers at small- and medium-sized firms for about six months from January 20 until July 15.
During the test-run period, workers themselves will be expected to pay 50 percent of their travel expenditures. Meanwhile, the rest will come from both companies and the government, which will split the bill and pay 25 percent of the total cost each. 

On January 20, the KTO will launch its “Vacation Support Service for Workers” homepage ( as part of the project. The website will offer a “one-stop service” that enables vacation planners to get an overview of all tourist attractions and nearby accommodations across the nation. 
Users also have access to a wide range of travel information, such as admission fees to certain tourist spots or transportation fees, while they can book and pay at once at the site, too.

"This support project will boost demand for domestic travel and make it easier for vacationers to spend money while on the road, which will then increase sales in other related industries, as well as the tourism industry,” said the MCST in a statement."

Omggg...Can we have this program in SG as well???  This program sounds really good for both the workers and the economy. I am looking forward to the "one-stop service" on KTO website. Personally, I think the Korean government is doing a great job in making Korea a tourist friendly place to visit. I loveeeeeee 대한민국!!  

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