Sunday, 5 January 2014

19 Oct 2013 - 오나와???

Plan for the evening was to check out the Flame Grass Festival at Skypark. What is Flame Grass Festival ?? I am not sure until now. I was attracted by the festival after looking at a picture posted on the guest house FB. I took the subway to World Cup Stadium station, exit 1. According to FB, the festival was held at 하늘공원 Haneul Park. Hmmm...sounds familiar. I went for the Seoul Eulalia Festival last Autumn. Directions to the Haneul Park stated in my previous post, Getting to Haneul Park
Looks like there's a festival going on at the carpark next to the stadium.
I reached this zigzag stairway, stopped to take a picture.
At that very moment, the lanterns at the stairway were lit up!
우와 was like magic to me!
Anyone who wanted to go up to the park were directed to take this route instead of the stairs.         

The line moved but very very slowly becos half of the walking trails were fenced off.
It was not like this when I came last Autumn. 
Perhaps some people in the line had the same thought as me.
Where are we heading to?
What's ahead for us??
A few people including myself stopped to take pictures of the night scenery.
The rest simply walked on in small steps.
I would not even call it strolling. 
It was more like following the person in front.
Alright...I know...I have to fly back to SG tomorrow...sigh....Before I know it, I have come to the stairway ie the way out!! I heard a Korean lady said to her mother, "오나와?"
That's it?? That's all to see?? Just a walk around the park??? The slow walk took about 30mins. This was the same place where I visited Seoul Eulalia Festival last Autumn. I think Seoul Eulalia Festival 2013 was held from 18 Oct till 27 Oct but this was not what I saw last Autumn. Although I did not stayed for the night previously, I think it was not just a walk around the park like this. I saw light up in the park and it was beautiful.

I extracted this from Visitseoul "In order to preserve the ecological park, Haneul Park is normally closed during the evening. But every year in October, when the field of Eulaliai grass is in bloom, Haneul Park is kept open until 10pm for the annual Seoul Eulalia Festival. Walk along the dirt paths as you wait for the magnificent sunset. Walk through the colorfully lit fields of grass then gaze down at the beautiful nightscape of the city as you sit atop the highest park in Seoul."

Am I right to say that Seoul Eulalia Festival is also the Flame Grass Festival??

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