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20 Oct 2013 - 정말 고마워요

It was about 11.20am when I got on the Arex. Its always so depressing to leave my second home. I look forward to be back again. I look forward to see 재 again. At about 11.41am, I received a call that made my day ^^ So happy and thankful to hear from him again before leaving my beloved Korea. Although I did not expect this call but it means so much to me. 정말 고마워요. 네 I miss you so much already.

I checked in my luggage and went to the tax refund counter becos I still need to have my tax free forms validated. OMGggg....super long queue...
Can I use this??
A tourist was trying to figure out how to use this and approached a staff who was standing around.
After some communication, the tourist was advised by the staff to join the queue.
I am not sure why though.

Omggg....another super long queue. This is the tax refund claim counter inside the transit. You don't have to come here if you have claimed back your cash at downtown. You only need to queue once to validate your tax free forms at the tax refund counter mentioned in the above picture. 
Remember I did not managed to claim my tax refund from Global Tax Free(Orange logo) at Myeongdong? Yeah cos I did not have my Visa with me. I had 4000 won to claim back from Global Tax Free. Hence, if I want my 4000 won back, I will need to join this queue. Oh...forget it. The queue was too long. 

However, it is not always long queue here. I passed by this counter again after I finished shopping. There was only one person in the queue, so I went in to claim back my 4000 won ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ I am so money minded huh??  Hahahaa there's no queue, so why not? Such a waste not to claim back the cash when its so easy to claim back. 

(Just fyi, Asiana has a partnership with Unicef, whereby flight passengers are encouraged to donate coins or even spare currencies to UNICEF programmes helping children in over 150 countries around the world. I think there should be a few other major airline carriers doing the same.)
I  went to the Asiana Lounge becos I had a free voucher to eat there.
Not hungry but I went there to take a look.

아...Dongwha Dutyfree!
I came here during my first solo trip *wink

I found myself a seat by the window.
There were ramyeon, fried rice, sandwiches, bread, assorted croissants, spaghetti and mini salad bar.

They had a good variety in beverages, such as milk, juices, coffee, tea etc.
The spread was actually better than the one I had at Changi Airport Premier Lounge.
Oh!  Saw this cultural performance again. 

Finally, I am done with my updates for my Autumn trip 2013. Autumn trip 2013 was supposed to be the most relaxing trip compared to the rest of my trips, and yet I took a longer time to update. Anyway, I can now focus on my trips in 2014.  Actually, I don't have a lot to research for my upcoming trip since it will be a short trip and I want to make it a super relaxing trip. Omggg....Can't wait to be back in my beloved Korea once again!!!

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