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1 Dec 2014 - Hearty dinner at Namdaemun

After shopping at Myeongdong, we went to Namdaemun for our dinner.
It was too cold to walk so we took the subway instead lol
*So near yet so far*
If you are coming from Hoehyeon Station, it will be exit 5.
If you are coming from Namdaemun Underground Shopping Centre, it will be exit 2.
The green arrow shows the location where we had our dinner.
You can check out this blogger for a clearer map.
Saw this fried/dried vegetable stall, and turn into the alley.
Straight ahead.
Here's the eatery for our dinner, 호남식당 Honam Sikdang.

The lady was very kind.
She told us to go into another room where there was heater to warm our bodies.
Small cozy eatery, my favourite ^^
  1. 생선구기 Fried Fish
  2. 김치찌개 Kimchi Jjigae
  3. 청국장 Cheonggukjang
  4. 계란찜 Gyeran Jjim
  5. 고등어조림 Spicy Fish Stew
  6. 갈치조림 Spicy Fish Stew
I think they are popular for 생선구기 Fried Fish and 갈치조림 Spicy Fish Stew. Hence, we ordered the fried fish and spicy fish stew.
오모 !!!  They surprised us with a free steam egg!! 
The lady told me "Service".
너무 감사합니다, 이모 ^^
Kim finished up every bit of the banchan.
 She said the spicy fish stew was spicy but she couldn't resist having the gravy with rice.
The fried fish was simply awesome!
Everything on this table tasted so good ^^
You can find big chunks of radish in it and I think it makes the gravy so tasty.
The radish tasted very good too!
Sweet and soft ^^
BTW, there's a lot of little bones on the fish so eat with care.
One of the best fried fish I have ever ate ^^
I must say that although the steam egg was on the house, it tasted really good!

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