Sunday, 1 February 2015

1 Dec 2014 - Freaking cold day at Namsan

We bought the round trip tickets for the cable car up to Seoul Tower.
I was very happy to see they cleared up all the unsightly plastic covers. My previous visit to Seoul Tower was a disappointment becos the place had become so unromantic with all the plastic covers..
 We took bus no. 5 from Namsan to Myeongdong. It was so freaking cold that we wanna find a hole to hide away from the cold. The cable car was closed for a indefinite period of time due to the weather. I am not sure if I heard the staff correctly.  I think he said we could get a refund but have to walk back to the cable car station to claim it. No way!! Its too cold and slippery to walk down. The refund was not important, we just wanna get back to Myeongdong asap. 
Lunch first!! I wanted to bring Kim to an eatery called, "一品香" for 짜장면. Kim suggested to walk faster becos the wind was too strong and that means SUPER COLD!!! We ran and hopped inside this eatery called, "夜來香" assuming that it was the eatery I wanted to go.  Both "夜來香" and "一品香" are located along the same row but I think "一品香" is located on the second level. Both eateries are very near the eatery, 개화 (開花)  which I have visited previously.

Sze Chuan soup noodle

Feels so good to have this bowl of hot and spicy 해물짬뽕, Haemul Jjampong on cold day like this.
Haemul Jjampong was a bit spicy for Kim but she couldn't resist the tasty soup.
Kim finished up every bit of the 
짜장면 Jjajangmyeon including the onions!!
In fact, I think she ate more onions in Korea than in SG.

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