Saturday, 21 February 2015

6 Dec 2014 - Eating as much as we could!!

We started the day with breakfast from 이삭 토스트 Isaac Toast in Hongdae. 
I realised this outlet include pictures and English translations in their menu now!
Great news for tourists ^^
미안...I realised I left out the prices in my shots....

Decided to try "Hot Chicken & Cheese" for a change.
Told Kim to try my all time favourite, "Ham & Cheese" and she really likes it ^^
Its the sauce that does the magic for Isaac Toast ^^

Brought Kim and my friends to Bukchon Hanok Village becos I feel anyone who is visiting Korea for the first time should check out this place. We also visited Samcheongdong and decided to take a teabreak at 오가다 Ogada.

We were tempted to try out the cakes and tteok but decided to save our stomach for lunch.
Our Asian Pear Bellflower Roots Tea and Ginger Dried Orange Peel Tea tasted good ^^
The Hallabong roll cake looks ordinary but tasted refreshing.
We finished up every bit of the dried dates becos they were the most crispy red dates we had ever ate!

We went to Kyobo bookshop at Gwanghwamun Station to shop for some stationery before making our way to Gwanghwamun Jip 광화문집 for lunch. Direction to the eatery can be found here. Though the pork was a little bit tough but I am happy that my friends and Kim liked this place cos its rather homely and feels so local. We went to Dongdaemun for some shopping after our hearty lunch of Kimchi Pork jjigae.
Dinner was at 낙서파전 ^^
Directions to 
낙서파전 can be found at my earlier post, Best best best 해물 파전!!!
Kim rated this pajeon as her second favourite on her list of top 6 Korean food.
BTW, it is compulsory to order alcohol here. You can't simply order only the pancake.
We thought we can't order Makgeolli becos my little Kim is only 16 years old. 
I think the 아줌마 here heck care the age requirement. 
 She only told us must order alcohol even when I told her Kim is only 16 years old.
Unlike at 이모네왕파전, whereby the 아줌마 insisted on checking my classmate's ID.
Our eating session continued at 마약김밥 골목 Mayak Gimbap Alley in 광장시장 Gwangjang Market. 
We reached about 7.30pm and there's only this stall left in the small alley.
이모 hopes we can order as much as we could cos there's still so much left for the day.
We tried our best by ordering guksu, kimbap and japchae.
We also bought some kimbap for take out.

Kim loves this best.
I thought this was the best 잡채 japchae I have ever ate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
No picture for my guksu but I find it very tasty as well for a plain looking bowl of guksu.
Although the 마약김밥 골목 Mayak Gimbap Alley closed much earlier than we expected, the main food section of the market was still buzzing with life.

Saw this shop and I think this is a popular store selling 마냑심밥 Mayak Gimbap.
Pardon me for this picture.
It was a snap and go situation.
We settled on this vendor to try the meat and sundae.
My friends and Kim hesitated to try this but finally they gave in.
They can now be the ambassador for 순 대 Sundae hahahahaha
We don't like the meat but sundae was pretty ok ^^
I still prefer the 순 대 Sundae from 
죠스떡볶이 Jaws Tteokbokki, which has a stronger peppery flavour.
Last food for the day was macaron ice cream ^^
This macaron ice cream shop was 2 mins away from our apartment.
Kim and I have been eyeing at it since our first day in Seoul.
It was our last night in Seoul so I got to let my little Kim try it!!

Not much choices left.
Kim chose her favourite flavour, strawberry cheese ice cream.
The size of this macaron ice cream was about the length of a finger.
So so small......
Kim's comment : Doesn't taste like ice cream.
My comment : I still prefer the macaron ice cream from 
앤티크 Antique .


  1. 😮! Everything look so good...
    Well, im eating issac toast right now, but your photo makes me more hungry...

    1. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ now that you mentioned about Issac toast, I am hungry! Just came back from Seoul. Omg I didn't eat Issac toast this time ㅠㅠ

  2. totally loving your blog haha. i'm supposed to be studying for finals but this is making me super excited for my trip. but is it required to order alcohol in the jeon shop?? wow. haha and your friend is so young. the shop is being a bad influence

    1. Hi whimsical fantasist, thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes it's required to order a bottle of Makgeolli for the pancake ㅋㅋㅋ