Saturday, 21 February 2015

5 Dec 2014 - Mr Churro 미스터 추로 ^^

After dinner comes dessert. Kim wanted to try Churro with ice cream since day 1 of our trip but we did not managed to cos we were so full by the end of the day. We were left with one more full day in Korea, so we decided that we must eat our Churro with ice cream by hook or by crook today!!! We found the cafe in Hongdae but so SAD to see its closed!!! How could you??!!!

We left the cafe with a broken heart and continue shopping in Hongdae.
Much to our surprise, we saw this vendor among the busy street!!
Its Mr Churro 미스터 추로!!
My little Kim's wish was fulfilled with a big smile on her face :)

The perfect combination of hot crispy Churro with ice cream!!!
To our surprise, the ice cream tasted really good!!
Its not just any normal plain vanilla ice cream!
My friend said the ice cream tasted like the expensive type lor and I totally agreed with her!
Please try if you see it!!

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