Tuesday, 10 February 2015

2 Dec 2014 - Kim's no 1 favourite Korean food

We took the subway to Konkuk Univ Station aka 건대 for our dinner at 송림식당.
Woww they are open so early??
6am~11.30pm.  Did I misinterpret it??

  1. 뚝배기김치찌개 5500won 
  2. 돼지불백 Pork Bulgogi with rice 7000won 
  3. 해장국 Haejangguk 5500 won 
  4. 된장 찌개 Doenjang Jjigae 5500won   
We ordered the most popular item on the menu, 돼지불백 Pork Bulgogi and it comes with rice.
The meat slices were quite big and you got to cut them up using the scissors.
Just like this ^^

This was the best part!!
Dump in the rice, vegetables and gochujang and stir fried everything together ^^

Like this

Guess what???
This dish made it to the first on Kim's top 6 Korean food!!
Complimentary ^^
It takes about 10 mins walk from 건대 aka Konkuk Univ Station, exit 5 to reach 송림식당.
송림식당 is a popular place in 건대.
Do check it out if you are in the vicinity. 
Next, we took the subway to Hoehyeon Station, exit 5.
Yup, we went back to Namdaemun market again to get a new pair of glasses for Kim.
 From exit 5, the spectacle shop will be at your 11 o'clock direction.
This is the shop.
I think its quite a popular shop.
Thanks to Siying for her good recommendation ^^
Mr Lee told me the shop will be opened throughout the year...I wonder did I hear it correctly. I kept asking him whether they have warranty, although I wasn't expecting any. Just curious. But he didn't seemed to understand what is that LOL From testing of eyesight to collecting the new glasses, the waiting time took less than 15 mins!! How amazing!! Mr Lee said it will be the same waiting time for all sort of degrees!! WOW!!! He is a nice guy and he speaks English. Most importantly, my little Kim was very pleased with her new glasses. Cheap, trendy and nice!
We went over to Myeongdong for more shopping after getting Kim's glasses.
Pomegranate juice in season???
Cos I saw vendors selling it in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun.
Gosh...they tasted so nice that I bought 2 packets.
Not cheap though...I think one packet in Myeongdong cost 4000won.
We ended the day with LIGHT snack at 이미카페 imi cafe. Actually, I was looking forward to their popular orange cheese cake but it was sold out for the day. I guessed we were too late and I suspected the table beside us managed to get the last order of the orange cheese cake. Hmmm!!  We had Earl Grey cake instead. Not bad but I prefer the one I had from Snob Cafe. I think our drink was hot grapefruit tea...something like that???  Not bad. Lots of pulps in it.
It will take about 5 mins walk from Hongik Univ Station, exit 1.


  1. May I know how much the glasses was? :)

    1. My niece bought her glasses(with frame & lens) at around sgd $100 (frame is a combination of plastic & metal). I think the degree doesn't affect the price but quality of lens will affect. We chose the mid price type. U can get cheaper frames(those not kept inside the display box) at around 30000 won. Can have your glasses on the same day as it took them only few mins to fix a complete pair of glasses with lens.