Saturday, 21 February 2015

My little Kim's top 10 favourite food

안녕하세요, 여러분  ^^  새해 복 많이 받으세요!  Today, I am finally done with all my updates for my 2014 trips back home. The recent trip was specially planned for my little Kim, just to reward her for studying so hard for her O level. Hope she has enjoyed herself. It is really not easy to be a student nowadays. Test after test, exams after exams. Kids spent most of their time in school for their lessons, CCAs, remedial classes etc. By the time they reach home, there isn't much time & energy left to do their homework. Anway, here's Kim's top 10 favourite food for our Winter trip :
  1. 돼지불백 Pork Bulgogi with rice
  2. 낙서파전 seafood pancake
  3. 영동감자탕 Yeongdong Gamjatang
  4. 미스터 추로 Mr Churro
  5. 고구마 라떼 Sweet Potato Latte
  6. Hotteok from 삼청동호떡 Samcheongdong Hotteok
  7. 도시락 Dosirak from Miss Lee Cafe
  8. 짜장면 Jjajangmyeon
  9. Sweet Potato with Cheese
  10. Travel Maker
Judging from the amount of food we ate during this trip, some of you must be thinking how much weight I have gained. I think I put on about 1-2 kg. Well, who cares about diet during holidays trips????  Diet only begin the moment I touched down at Singapore Changi Airport ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Gotta buck up my research for my Spring trip 2015 now. So much to do and so little time for it. This is the first time I am doing my research at such a short time frame before my trip. Yeah...I know some or many people don't really research or only do their research at the last minute. For me, I preferred to be prepared, so that I don't miss out anything that I want to go, do or eat.  Despite going back a few times already, I still like to research becos the process is interesting and I learnt.  Preparation gave me the confidence to travel on my own cos I am not the adventurous type of person lol. Though I like to be prepared for my trips but I dun follow my itinerary strictly. Sounds contradicting huh?? lol


  1. Huwaa going back again. Have fun chingu!

  2. Good day to you and nice to meet you! We saw this blog post that you did this year.

    Glad to see that you enjoyed Mr Churro in Korea. Mr Churro will open in Singapore in December and we were wondering if you would allow us to share your blog post on Facebook? Thanks!

    Gerald Ng
    Marketing Consultant, Mr Churro SG
    +65 93895070

    1. Hi Gerald. Thanks for dropping by. Its certainly a happy news to my niece and I as we miss the ice cream churro we had in Seoul. Can't find a better taste than the one we had. We are looking forward to eat the ice cream churro once it opens in Spore. Really hope the taste is the same as back in Seoul. When I went back in my recent trip, I couldn't find the cafe or kiosk anymore. Do u know where it was re-located? Sure u can share my post and I've created a separate post for it : Do let me know when the cafe opens!

    2. Thanks for the response! We will certainly share your post on our social media platform sometime this week!

      Mr Churro has more than 20 outlets across South Korea in trendy shopping districts like Dong Dae Mun. We will officially open on 11 December! Do swing by to try!