Sunday, 6 December 2015

19 Oct 2015 - 송도 센트럴파크 Songdo Central Park, Tri bowl & 커넬워크 Canal walk

Itinerary for the day was a trip to Songdo.
I took the subway from Hongdae to Central Park Station, exit 4. 
 It was a long ride...
From exit 4, make a left turn and you will see the Tri bowl.

My first impression of Songdo was the serene surrounding with these high rise buildings.
송도 센트럴파크 Songdo Central Park is just next to Tri Bowl.
Nice environment ^^ 


Making my way to 커넬워크 Canal walk.  

I thought of having a tea break at 그리다디저트 Grida Dessert Cafe but it was closed.
In fact, many shops were either closed or still under renovations when I was there.
This is not the 커넬워크 Canal walk..

NC Cube 커넬워크 Canal walk  
NC Cube is a shopping complex where a canal lies in the middle of the walkway. Both sides of the walkway are lined with cafes and shops. Personally, I find there's nothing much here.  Maybe the place has yet to be fully developed.

Nothing much but no regrets to come here becos I think Songdo is a nice place.

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