Monday, 1 January 2018

2 Nov 2017 - Here I come!!!

Asiana inflight food from SG to Incheon airport.
Nowadays, I could not feel the holiday mood even when I got on the taxi to Changi airport.
Have been working till the last minute and only managed to pack my luggage at the very last minute.
My mind was in a mess that I could not think properly...
I can only feel that I am on holiday when I stepped foot at Incheon airport.
Anyway, I was very happy to have a very good looking Korean dude seated beside me this trip lol
First drink back at my second home while waiting for my domestic flight to Jeju ^^
Deposited my big luggage at the travel Centre near Hongik University Station, exit 5
and took the subway to Gimpo Airport.
Jeju!! Here I come!!

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