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4 Nov 2017 - Getting to Eco Land Theme Park

I took a taxi from my apartment to Jeju Bus Terminal and the fare was 4500won.
Not sure if I can refer to this time table a not.
I was advised by the Tourist Information Centre to take bus no.230-1 for Ecoland.
I think there was another bus to Ecoland whereby you can take from the bus stop outside the tourist Information Centre.
Was it bus no. 130-1?
The timing for bus no.230-1 was 10.17am, while bus no.130-1 was 10.19am.
The time interval for bus no.230-1 was every 40mins and bus no.130-1 was every 2hours.
Time taken for both to reach Ecoland is the same.

Bus no. 230-1 drove off from the terminal at 10.17am sharp.
Reached this bus stop, "제주 돌문화 공원 Jeju Stone Park" for Ecoland at 10.50am.

You will see this after you get off the bus.
Ecoland as shown by the arrow.
Cross the road of course..
The bus stop as shown by the arrow was the bus stop where I took bus no. 230-1 back to Jeju Bus terminal for my return trip.
Cross the road and then walk along the road(against the flow of traffic) for about 3 mins and you will see this entrance.
Take the stairs.
At the end of the stairs, you will see a large car park.
도착 ^^
It was pretty easy to get here by bus.

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