Monday, 1 January 2018

3 Nov 2017 - First meal in Jeju

I took a taxi from the airport to my Airbnb apartment at Yongdamsam-dong. Got on the taxi at about 12.42pm and reached here less than 10mins. Taxi fare was 4800won. My apartment was in this building, on the third floor and Droptree cafe was on the first and second floor.  There was also a noodle shop on the first floor.  Check in time was 4pm. The cleaner has not started cleaning my apartment when I reached there but I was already informed by my host beforehand that I could leave my bag inside the apartment first.

Omg....What a refreshing sight!!
I could not believe the sea was just few steps away from my apartment!

And so I left my bag at the apartment and head out for lunch at a nearby eatery.

A common sight in Jeju ^^ 

Lots of aeroplanes but the noise was ok for me.
I could not hear it when I was inside the apartment but I could hear the waves from my apartment ^^

Camping cars!
I wonder how it works.

It was such an enjoyable walk and before I knew it, I reached the eatery, 바당회국수 for my lunch.

성게 국수 sea urchin noodles at 10000won.
One item off the bucket list for this trip!
Not super fantastic but still ok. 

바당회국수 indicated by the blue marker.
I stayed around the area marked in red.
It took me about 10mins to reach the eatery.
Anyway, there were many eateries along the road. 

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