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3 Nov 2017 - Seafood soup for dinner!!

I took bus no.445-2 from the bus stop right outside Jeju Bus Terminal (where the Tourist Information Centre was located) at 5.30pm.
The stop nearest to my apartment was, "
용담레포츠공원 Yongdam Sports Park".
This was the stop, "용담레포츠공원 Yongdam Sports Park".
I reached here at 5.47pm.
The pub right next to the bus stop.
Can you feel the strong wind lol
Super cold......
I actually like the ambience of this pub but I dun think anyone could enjoy the ambience under this cold weather >_<
Dinner at this restuarant which was a few mins walk away from my apartment.
 It was also a short walk from the bus stop to this restaurant.
The restuarant during the day.
Looks so empty but there were actually many people during meal time and quite a lot of Koreans blogged about this place.
  1. 전복뚝백기 Abalone ttukbaegi 15000won
  2. 문어뚝백기  Octupus & abalone ttukbaegi 18000won
  3. 전복죽 Abalone porridge 12000won
  4. 고동어구이 Grilled fish 15000won. I think the items on top and below item no. 4 are fish stew. 
  5. 청도해물탕 Seafood hotpot according to no. of people.
  6. 통갈치구이 A type of long grilled fish.  Click here for the picture. 

Close at 10pm
Glad that they are open at 8am ^^
I was really impressed by their generous portion of Ganjang-gejang 간장게장!
Usually I dare not eat but this time, I tried and its so yummy!!
Lots of clams, mussels, 2 mini crayfish and 3 abalones ^^
This is superb!!!
The abalones become tough if you leave them in the hot pot, so I removed them after I took my pictures ^^

Link for the restuarant in naver map .

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