Sunday, 21 January 2018

4 Nov 2017 - 1st stop at Ecoland Theme Park - Eco Bridge Station.

First thing to do once you reached the themepark is to buy the train ticket.
I was so attracted to the ecosystem when I first saw the forest train going through Gotjawal forest on FB.  Since I like scenery so much, I know I must come ^^ After buying the ticket, proceed to catch the train. The train will depart from Main Station, stop by Eco Bridge Station, Lake Side Station, Picnic Garden Station, Lavender, Green Tea & Rose Garden Station, and return to Main Station to complete its circuit. The interval for each train is quite frequent. One can take your time to explore each station and catch the next train whenever you want.
First stop, Eco Bridge Station. 
Really love the idea of walking on the deck built over the water with beautiful surroundings. If you want to take a picture without much people in the background, either you get off the train fast or wait till the crowd cleared as they walked over to Lake Side Station.

From here, one can either walk or go back to take the train for the next station, Lake Side station.
 I think most people will walk over to Lake Side Station as the deck naturally leads to the next station.  
It was actually a short and relaxing walk.

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