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3 Nov 2017 - Getting to Andeok Valley 안덕계곡

I headed out to Jeju Bus Terminal after I left my bags at the apartment.
I took a taxi at 1.40pm and reached the bus terminal at 1.46pm.
Taxi fare was 4100won.
Jeju bus routes have changed a lot and this information counter which was right outisde the terminal was really useful to me ^^
Boarded bus no.282 at 2pm.
To get to Andeok Valley from Jeju Bus Terminal, I need to change a bus.
Bus no. 282 reached this bus stop, "창천리 Changcheon-ri" at 2.50pm.
Alight at this bus stop and walk straight.

As you walk straight for about 1 min, you will see this turn with a mini mart on the right.
Turn right.
Turn right and continue to walk stright.
That's the bus stop to take bus no, 202 to get to Andeok Valley.
It took around 3 mins to walk from bus stop, "창천리 Changcheon-ri" to reach this bus stop, "창천초등학교 Changcheon Primary School".
Bus stop, "창천리 Changcheon-ri".
I like the fact that there will be a voice announcement on the bus arrival just before the bus arrived.
Although it was in Korean but it served as a reminder especially to those who are using the phone.
I got on bus no. 202 at 3.09pm and reached the bus stop, "안덕계곡 Andeok Valley" at 3.12pm.
Bus stop, "안덕계곡 Andeok Valley".
Cross the road and enter Andeok Valley from there(as shown by the arrow).

Enter the valley from here.

I think one can get out of the valley using that stairs but I did not try it.

I came out from the same way.
Time to go back.
No need to cross the road for return trip back to Jeju Bus Terminal.
Walk about 2 mins to reach this bus stop, "안덕계곡 Andeok Valley".
Here comes bus no. 202 back to bus stop, "창천초등학교 Changcheon Primary School".
Screen on bus no.202.
Alight at bus stop,"창천초등학교 Changcheon Primary School" and walk to bus stop, ""창천리 Changcheon-ri" as shown by the arrow. 

This bus stop was located just after a turn, one can easily miss the bus if it just went by without stopping.
The voice announcement system just before the bus arrived really help to enable one to keep a lookout for their bus.
These hallabongs were just next to the bus stop!
Omgg...I was so tempted to take one to try lol

I did not of course >_<
I got on bus no. 282 at 4.22pm and reached Jeju Bus Terminal at 5.24pm..
The bus stop circled in red was the bus stop, where I first got off - "창천리 Changcheon-ri". The bus stop opposite (circled in Blue) was the bus stop where I took bus no 282 back to Jeju Bus Terminal for my return trip.
I walked from "창천리 Changcheon-ri" bus stop to bus stop, "창천초등학교 Changcheon Primary School" (Bus stop no. 1 circled in red) as shown by the red dotted line for bus no. 202 to Andeok Valley.
I got off at bus stop,"안덕계곡 Andeok Valley" (Bus stop no. 2 circled in red) as shown by the red arrow. 
The bus stop for the return trip to take bus no. 202 as shown by bus stop no, 2 circled in Blue. Get off at bus stop no,1 circled in Blue and walk to bus stop, "창천리 Changcheon-ri" as shown by the Purple dotted line.  Hope this is not too confusing to you lol

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