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24 April 2017 - Yummy UFO fried rice ^^

At last, I came here for dinner ^^
Open from 11.30am till 9pm.
Close for breaktime, 3pm-5pm.
Closed every Wednesday.

Take the stairs up.

Place your order via this self service machine before seated.  
I think 1 - 4 is without cheese toppings and A - D is with melted cheese as toppings on the rice with an extra cost of 1000 won.

  1. 치킨 베이컨 볶음밥 - Chicken Bacon fried rice 7500won
  2. 김치 삼겹살 볶음밥 - Kimchi samgyeopsal fried rice 7500won
  3. 해산물볶음밥 - Seafood fried rice using squid & octupus 6500won
  4. 김치치킨볶음밥 - Kimchi Chicken fried rice 6500won
A. 치즈 치킨 베이컨 볶음밥 - Chicken Bacon fried rice 8500won (Cheese topping) 
B. 치즈 김치 삼겹살 볶음밥 - Kimchi samgyeopsal fried rice 8500won (Cheese topping) 
C. 치즈 해산물볶음밥 - Seafood fried rice using squid & octupus 7500won (Cheese topping) 
D. 치즈 김치치킨볶음밥 - Kimchi Chicken fried rice 7500won (Cheese topping) 

오모!!!!  이거 진짜 맛있어!!!
 This was really GOOD!!!
To my surprise, it has the "Wok Hei" smell!!
I will be back again for sure!
I ordered the seafood fried rice 해산물볶음밥 with melted cheese toppings.
Some places used cheese as the "surroundings" for the rice, whereas here, they used eggs instead and it tasted just as yummy ^^
The squid/octupus were a bit tough as usual for most places but it was ok to me cos they were in small pieces.
The rice was not mushy & wet but grainy which I like ^^

It was really delicious!!
No doubt I was famished but the food was really good!

It took me less than 15 mins to walk from Hapjeong Station, exit 3 to 그남자의볶음밥 .

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