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14 Oct 2011 - Homely lunch at Gui Daehak 구이대학

After visiting Itaewon Underground Market, I took the subway from Itaewon to Sinsa for lunch at Gui Daehak 구이대학.  This is what I saw when I came out from exit 1. Walk straight.

Walk straight for about 5 mins until you see this signage on your left. Stop and turn right.  Turn to your right only after you saw this signage.  Don't turn into the wrong lane/slope because all the lanes/slopes look almost the same to me.  
Why do I say that?  Well, because I took the wrong lane and burnt a fair bit of calories before I reached Gui Daehak 구이대학.
I asked a pharmacist for direction. He immediately acknowledged the place and showed me the direction.  I was lucky to meet a kind person again.  고마워요 ^^
I think Gui Daehak 구이대학 is a popular eating place especially in that neighbourhood.  The pharmacist's instant reaction made me even more excited to have my lunch there  ^^

You will see this when you turn right.   Walk up.   

A view when I looked down...slopes...
When you reached the T junction of the slope, turn right again.

When you turn right, you will see this row of shops on your left.  Gui Daehak 구이대학 is among one of the shops. I stumbled upon this good recommendation by Zenkimchi Dinning by chance.  It is not really difficult to locate.  However, it is a small shop that could be easily overlooked, if not for its grilled oven at the entrance!

Oh, that's the boss of Gui Daehak구이대학!  I like him a lot because he is a very nice guy  ^^  When I first enter the shop, he said something in Korean from one corner of the shop....and I believed he was talking to me.  However, I was busy looking at the menu on the wall and did not pay attention to him.  Suddenly, I realised there was a slience.  The boss and a lady, perhaps his wife started whispering to each other.  Hahahaa...they must have realised I am a foreigner since they did not get any response from me!   The boss came up and asked what I would like to eat...
This is the stove!
You know you are in the right place when you smell the aromatic grilled fish sitting on this BBQ stove.
I really love eating at this kind of small cosy place. The environment, nice folks and home cooked food made me feel homely and warm at heart  ^^ 

I don't understand everything on the menu but I pointed to the first dish on the menu. The only thing that can went wrong for me is beef becos I don't take beef.  I was thinking KRW7000 would be a proper set meal. Fortunately, it was a grilled fish set because my mind was already set on the grilled fish when I planned my itinerary.  I will come here again during my next trip to Seoul,  and I am gonna order the jjigae for sure because it looked super yummy on the next table!! 

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I really love this meal a lot because it felt so homely. The boss knew that I am a foreigner and he make sure that I ate well  ^^   When I finished up the mushroom and veggie Banchan 반찬, he quickly replenish for me.  At the end of the meal, I told him, "  감사합니다.  정말맛있다."    ^^

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  1. what's that fish set meal call looks nice ? maybe i should visit it next year :) looks like nice quiet place to have a meal .