Saturday, 1 November 2014

2 Sep 2014 - Cooking class!!

I looked forward to my lessons everyday and this day was no exception. In fact, I was even more excited cos we were going to have a cooking class after the usual lesson. Yeah!! Hooray!! How I wish the school can gave us a few more cooking classes! I love cooking(though I'm not good at it) and eating but I hate washing up ㅋㅋㅋ  Did you realise the process of preparing the ingredients and cooking is longer then the process of eating?? ㅎㅎㅎ 
Demo by our teacher.
Presentation of her dishes in nice porcelain ware ^^
The class was conducted in Korean but the teachers speaks fluent English.
Here's the recipes for the two dishes taught, namely 불고기 Bulgogi and 오의무침 Cucumber Muchim.
Two in a team and my partner was Marilynn from the States.
We followed what the teacher had demonstrated to us. 
I didn't get to taste our 불고기 Bulgogi since beef was used but my partner thought it tasted pretty ok. I liked our 오의무침 Cucumber Muchim.  Our teacher told us not to take lunch becos we can eat what we cooked for lunch. So nice of her to remind us ^^ Ermmm, we ate straight from the cooking utensils, no porcelain ware for students. That's not an issue at all whahahahahaa!!
It was supposed to be a 2 hours class but you can leave once you are done. Everyone was hungry, so the class ended much earlier with everyone cooking very quickly. Actually, it would be better if we had allowed the beef to be marinated slightly longer. LOL

Anyway, it was a big pot for my partner to finish, so she brought the balance back for dinner ^^ I stayed back to consult my teacher how to cook 곤드레나물밥 Gondeure Namul Bap. 곤드레나물밥 is a specialty of Gangwon-do, a kind of bibimbap in which rice is cooked with the herb gondeure namul (Cirsium setidens). Followed by mixing some Korean sauce into the rice before eating.  I came to learn about 곤드레나물밥 Gondeure Namul Bap in my previous trip,
Some nutritious benefits of 곤드레 stated in includes it aids digestion, full of protein, calcium, Vitamin A, and prevents adult diseases. There are approximately 500 different kinds of herbs in Korea, but 곤드레 is the rarest of all. It is collected around May every year, and is dried and eaten throughout the year. It got a soft taste to it, and what's unique about 곤드레 is that it has no scent. 곤드레 is used medicinally, like groundsel for folk remedy. It helps stop bleeding, prevents inflammation, and has a diuretic effect, and is a very good herb for diabetes, high-blood pressure and helps improve blood circulation. It helps detox your intestines when you squeeze it and drink it as juice, and when you dry the roots, boil it, and drink the liquid, it's good for neuralgia.


  1. but where to get all those herb though here to make that rice. i curious how it taste like.

  2. 안녕! For me, there's no taste for the wild veggie/herbs. No worries on herbal smell. I think its not easy to get it outside Korea. I found a small pack at Emart(Yongsan Station)and bought another big pack when I went to Jangpyeong 장평.