Thursday, 27 November 2014

7 Sep 2014 - Succulent eggplants for Chuseok brunch!

Its Chuseok today!
I decided to spend my time studying becos there will be a test when class resume on 11 Sep.
Here's my brunch for the day.

I dun like eggplants cos I dun like its texture lol
But I trained myself to eat them cos they are healthy food.
Bought some eggplants from Emart at Yongsan Station when I visited Yongsan Pojangmacha.
I stir-fried the marinated minced pork with chopped garlic and sliced chillies.
Followed by the eggplants and some sauce.

Just a simple fare ^^
The eggplants was so succulent!
Totally unexpected!  
View from where I stayed.
Nice and sunny weather for Chuseok ^^
 Time for some revision before I head down to my favourite place in Seoul ^^


  1. wa not sure will you be there during this period, but thought u might be keen!

    1. Thanks! Aiya I interested leh but i think no time to squeeze this in le :(