Tuesday, 25 November 2014

6 Sep 2014 - So so delicious 떡볶이 at 현선이네 ^^

I took the subway to Yongsan station for my dinner at 용산포장마차골목 Yongsan Pojangmacha. Get out from exit 1 and walk towards your 1 o'clock direction. Yongsan Pojangmacha is somewhere there, as indicated by the arrow.
Cross the road.
Yongsan Pojangmacha is less than 5 mins walk from Yongsan Station, exit 1.
현선이네 was the first stall I saw.  It had the longest queue.
You can click here for more pictures of the food available.
I reached here before 7pm. The place was relatively quiet.
Was it becos it was the eve of Chuseok??

I am not sure if there is any other Pojangmacha as big as this in Seoul. Do share with me if you know of any Pojangmacha that is worth making a trip ^^

Finally, I decided to settle on 현선이네 for dinner.


I ordered 안떡 although I was not sure what is 안떡. I only know 안떡 consisted of tteok and some fried stuff. My guess is 안떡 is not spicy tteok, while 맵떡 could be spicy tteok. Well, its just a wild guess. I asked my Korean teacher what is 안떡 but she was not sure as well...
Taking a peep to see if there's anymore seat left. 

Put back your own tray before you leave.
This portion is stated for one person but I think its just nice for two persons ㅋㅋㅋ
Omgggg the sauce was so nice!
Many Koreans requested extra sauce.
I don't really fancy Tteokbokki but this was so yummy!
Hmmm....안떡...The sauce was a bit spicy actually.
If this is spicy, than what is 안떡??
The route I took from Yongsan Station, exit 1.
Less than 5 mins walk to reach ^^


  1. oh i never eaten in a pojangmacha! always want to.... i shall try this next time, thank u ^^

  2. Yeah!! Go Go Go!! U shd check out this place ^^