Friday, 21 November 2014

6 Sep 2014 - Cheorwon Crane Park & Baekmagoji Battlefield 백마고지

Can only take the picture of the stairway...
You can't take pictures of any army personnels in the background.
Anyway, we were brought up there to watch a video.
Ehh...I can't recall what the video was all about.
No photo taking is allowed inside that room. 
Cheorwon Crane Park
It was more like an exhibition to me.
That's the "Park"....
This was the most boring place in the city tour...
Nothing much in this "Park" or rather building.
Next stop is Baekmagoji Battlefield 백마고지.
Soldier explaining in Korean...

The site of the Baengma Hill Battle.

Very nice scenery ahead but no photo taking is allowed. I took this secretly! There was a Japanese woman happily posing for pictures with the beautiful scenery as the background. There were many people but nobody stopped her. Out of curiosity, I asked my guide. My guide went forward to inform her no photo taking is allowed. OOppss!! I didn't mean to spoilt her day. DMZ tour is getting more popular among foreigners. Foreigners can easily break a rule without even knowing it! It will be good if they can install some sign board in English or even Mandarin.

Its time to head back to Baekmagoji Train Station.

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