Sunday, 2 November 2014

3 Sep 2014 - Meet up with my Korean & HK buddy

 Met up with my Korean buddy and HK buddy today for lunch and dessert after our class.  We decided to  have lunch at the small KLI canteen. 
My 쇠고기 무국 Beef and radish soup (3500 won).
I didn't notice this was cooked with beef until I drank the soup....
Its actually quite light and tasty. 
Reminds me of mum's soup where she used pork instead of beef and cooked with radish.
Mum's pork & radish soup is one of my favourite soup back in SG ^^
My Korean buddy suggested dessert at 옥루몽!
I'm in for it even though I have tried it a few days ago,
Hmmm, I preferred 팥빙수 patpingsu to the 팥죽.
It was a great afternoon spent with both of them.
Thereafter, I headed down to Homeplus at Mecenatpolis Mall (Hapjeong Station, exit 9/10).
Homeplus has became my favourite place to shop in Seoul ㅋㅋㅋ

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