Sunday, 9 November 2014

5 Sep 2014 - Dinner at 에코의 서재 Eco's Library

It was quite easy to locate 에코의 서재 Eco's Library.
Took me about 10 mins to reach here from Jukjeon Station, exit 2. 

Stilllllllll regretting not having my brunch at 아임홈 I’m Home..
Its not that the food here is not nice but I need a proper meal if you know what I mean..

I do like the ambiance here ^^
The waitress recommended Camembert Panini set that comes with a drink(15000 won).

I love cheese ^^
Must eat this while its hot!

Is it worth travelling here all the way from Seoul?
It depends on individual.
For me, I had plenty of time so why not? 
Its one place off my bucket list :P

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