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5 Sep 2014 - Getting to 아임홈 I’m Home

불금이다 ^^
After class, I took the subway to Sunae Station to check out the cafe streets in 분당 Bundang. It was a long journey...the train ride took about 1hour 11mins to get there. The dotted line was the route I took from Sunae Station, exit 4 to reach 아임홈.
I was confused to see two directions for exit 4.
Anyway, I took the left turn.
And saw this building across the road.
I entered this building.
And saw a carpark...
I walked to the main road as shown as the arrow.
Follow the arrow...
Walk straight till you reach a traffic light.
Do not cross the road but turn left instead.
Passed by this place.
I decided to take a quick look instead of walking straight to the traffic light.

I find my way to the bridge up there.
If you have walked straight to the traffic light and turn left, you will reach this bridge too.
View from the bridge.
Walking along the bridge.
Walk straight until you reach a petrol station.
It was a super duper hot afternoon!!!
It would be so nice to walk here in spring or autumn...
This is the petrol station.
Follow the arrow and cross the road.
Cross the road and make your way up to the left.
You will see a playground.
That's the playground.
Those buildings are mostly restaurants and cafes.
아임홈 I’m Home is somewhere behind these buildings.
Okie, I found it ^^
I think it took me about 15 mins to reach here.

Still having regrets why I didn't order this..

....and still very much regretting why I didn't had a brunch here *arghhh* Actually, I thought I should save some space for more food since I was going to check out another cafe street after this..

In the end, I only ordered a Matcha Tiramisu Tart and Iced White Chocolate Tea.
Additional 500 won if I want cold tea...
Ice are expensive *hur hur

맛있어요 ^^

The ambiance is nice but nothing much to explore here
I saw many people came here for photoshoots.
Up next is 
에코의 서재 Eco's Library.

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