Sunday, 6 December 2015

19 Oct 2015 - Exploration at Songdo disrupted!!!!

It was about 4.30pm.
I made my way to Incheon Bridge Observatory after exploring the 커넬워크 Canal walk  

However, I did not make it to the Observatory.  








I saw a few people crowding around at one corner of the road. It didn't occur to me that there's some filming going on becos there were not many people. Being a KEPO (aka busybody) I went up for a closer look and was stunned to see 최시원 Siwon! I was chasing after this drama "그녀는 예뻤다 She was pretty" during that period of time, "angry" that there was some delay for ep 10 to be aired. I really thought my eyes were playing tricks on me since I had been thinking about ep 10 for days!! But no, its for real. Siwon was right in front of my eyes!!! Oh my goddddd...And standing beside Siwon was Kim Hye-jin ie 황정음 Hwang Jung-eum !!! I couldn't believe my luck........
He was sooo near....
Siwon was very very good looking and skinny!
Pardon me for my blur pictures becos my HP cover was not flipped open...
The crews were very strict with public taking pictures even when the celebrities were not filming.
They were always watching out for people taking pictures  >_<
황정음 Hwang Jung-eum was really pretty and thin...
They took a break and I thought I better get going since I was not sure when they will start filming again. And most importantly, which celebrity will appear after the break. Since I saw Siwon already, I was hoping to see 박서준 Park Seo Joon. Yeah, I am a greedy girl ㅋㅋㅋ I crossed the road thinking of proceeding to the observatory but part of me was reluctant to leave cos I was hoping to see 박서준 Park Seo Joon ㅎㅎㅎ 
I walked back to the filming ground cos I saw they started filming around a red car.
Yes, I saw 고준희 Koh Joon Hee but still no 박서준 Park Seo Joon ㅎㅎㅎ 

It was almost 7pm and I decided to leave Songdo becos they took another break.
No regrets to leave cos I think I was already very lucky to see 3 of the celebrities in that drama ^^
I am very thankful for that.
Btw, they were filming ep 12 when I bumped into them.

Beautiful Songdo at nite ^^
It was a very quiet place when I visited it.
The place will flourish in time to come.
I look forward to visit this smart green city once again when it is fully developed.


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  2. Hi Yun! I'm going back to our 'kampong' next month. So eager to visit Songdo. Hmm, actually its more to lepak at dal.komm where they filmed the Descendant of the Sun drama. I watched She Was Pretty too! Aigoo, so jealous of u. Last time u saw Won Bin while filming Running Man. And this?!? Wish I could borrow ur lucky charm haha.

    1. OMGgggggg I envy u man.....I miss our kampong damn much. Yes go Songdo to lepak lepak ㅋㅋㅋ Think no girls won't fall in love with Big Boss as they watched the drama. My words to describe my feelings for 캡틴유!! Wish u tons of luck in your balik kampong trip!! *jealous nya....