Monday, 21 December 2015

22 Oct 2015 - Unforgettable flies encounter & delicious dinner at Gangnam

Dinner at 강남불백.
Came here becos its popular among the locals.

I got the shock of my life as I made my way from Gangnam Station, exit 12 to this eatery. There were so many many many tiny flies flying in the air. I was not the only one waving my hand in the air to shoo them away. Many people were doing the same as me but it was impossible to shoo them away. There were just too many of them. Thank god I was wearing a mask due to my flu.

1) 불백정식 Bulbaek set (Spicy Grilled Pork set) 7000won.  
2) 우삼겹정식 (I think its pork belly set) 8000won
3) 불낙정식 Bulnak (Spicy Octopus set) 8000won. 

a) 치즈 Cheese 2000won
b) 떡 Tteok 2000won
c) 당면 Tang Myeon (Aka Tang Hoon) 1000won
d) 낙지 Octopus 3000won
Seriously, this was sooo nice. The pork was so delicious!!  My only regret was to forget to add CHEESE!!! I was too busy dusting away the dead flies on my clothing, hair and bag ㅠㅠ That's right. So shocked to see so many dead flies over all me. Yucks...Where did they come from??  The thought of my return trip back to the station saddened me....The locals did not seemed to be too bothered by the dead flies on them..Maybe they did not noticed ...
So yummy!!!
It took me less than 5 mins from Gangnam Station, exit 12 to reach 강남불백.
The blue circle was the point where I encountered those flies all the way to the eatery.
For that moment, I felt I had to run for my life...


  1. Hi there, i have been reading your blogs since last year, i too love korea very much and thanks to your blog, i have tried the pork rice soup and visited common Ground today, very happy :)

    Can i ask you which ganjang gijang restaurant that you would recommend for dinner?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Yvonne. Thanks for dropping by. I dun really like raw food lol so I didn't research on ganjang gejang till now hahahaha sorry. So envy that u are in beloved Korea now. Have fun!!