Tuesday, 22 December 2015

23 Oct 2015 - Back at 봉구비어

I went back to 봉구비어 for some beer & fries.
However, the bartender was really kind!
He gave me a combo of finger food instead of fries ^^
He told me "service"!!
Awesome 안주 Anju to go with beer ^^
This is the kind bartender!
This place was like an one man show!
He was the only one running around the place, taking orders, cooking, pouring the beer and serving.
Good for him!
Hardworking and nice chap.
As I was halfway through my second glass, the kind bartender asked if I would to try fruit beer.
Sounds delicious and I said,"Sure"!
He gave me a few flavours and I chose pomegranate flavour.
I think its something like fruit syrup and he simply add it into the beer.
Again, he said,"Service"!!
Woww...that's so kind of him!
He was actually very busy but still willing to offer good service.
I will be back if I ever go back to my second home again ^^
많이 감사합니다.
I wish him good and smooth business!!

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