Monday, 21 December 2015

23 Oct 2015 - Yummy Gamjaguk

Early dinner at a popular eatery, 동원집. 
Ajusshi working hard to peel potatoes for 감자국 Gamjaguk ^^

Finally I get to try their popular 감자국 Gamjaguk! It is almost similar to Gamjatang but the soup for Gamjaguk was a bit thicker and there were 2 pieces of potatoes in my Gamjaguk ^^
The meat was so tender that it just melt in my mouth.
This was really delicious but I still craved for 영동감자탕
It was very easy to get to 동원집. Euljiro 3ga station has a few exits to get there. I got out from exit 2 (Green Line) and it took me less than 5 mins to reach the eatery, The other 2 exits are Euljiro 3ga Station, exit 4 (Orange line) and exit 3(Green Line).

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