Sunday, 20 December 2015

21 Oct 2015 - Simple and delicious dinner

After my happy hour of retail therapy at Lotte Fitin,
I went to 광장시장 Gwangjang Market for my 마약김밥 Mayak Kimbap.
Yayyy ^^
Such simple food but its so delicious!!
잡채가 먹고 싶어!!
I want to eat japchae too!!
Happiness is when I get to eat what I want ^^
My new found love, 유자막걸리Yuja Makgeolli
This tasted so refreshing and yummy!

Sinful indulgence but heck it!!
Thick & rich fav ^^


  1. woah that's cool Yuja flavor wonder if it's a seasonal drink like limited time only during Yuja season.

    1. Haah I'm not too sure abt that dear ^^

    2. I shall observe then when I go to the mart then, lol. What about those flavored soju did you try any of it ? Many said the grapefruit one is nice.

    3. Hihi. No I didn't try cos I'm not a fan of soju but maybe I can give it a go next time ^^