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20 Oct 2015 - My happy dinner ^^

Dinner at 코다차야!
At last, I had the chance to come here ^^
Errr...this is not the entrance of the subway station 
The staff at the entrance was at a loss when he knew that I was a foreigner. He told me to wait while he get his colleague who can speak English. Hmmm....actually, I don't need to trouble them cos I had in mind what I wanted to order but he was really friendly. He came back with his manager who can speak English. The manager was also very friendly, he gave me a tour around the place and explained to me how the ordering system works!  Omggg....I didn't intend to trouble anyone at all but they were really nice and friendly people isn't it??
This place operates like Marche. You will receive a "device" when you enter the place. You use the "device" to order your food at the individual stall and pay at the entrance/exit after you are done with your meal. Free bottles of Evian drinking water are provided and they are stored at the fridge.  
The so called "device" when you order food.
Just pass this "device" to the staff at the stall when you order your food. 

I found the stall I wanted ^^
The manager was a funny guy.  He began to realise the menu in every stall was in Korean and he was worried that I will have problems to understand the menu. I assured him that I am fine with it ^^  If you are worried about understanding the menu, I think most of the menu will have pictures...I think so but I can't really remember.
Although there were a good varieties of food, I came here with only one dish in mind.

This is the so called "device" lol
It also acts as a buzzer for me to collect my food once it is ready.
My 김치 치즈 볶음밥 Kimchi Cheese Fried rice (8000won)
You were the reason why I came here ^^  
*Happiness overloaded*
This was really delicious!!!
The Kimchi fried rice was very tasty.
A perfect result with 
melted cheese and sunny side favourite!!
No wonder this dish is also well received by the locals ^^
You can request to add rice or cheese by paying extra.
It is very easy to reach 코다차야.
Located along the road.
About 2 mins walk from Sangsu Station, exit 2.
코다차야 is just next to 할리스 커피 Hollys Coffee.
You will see Hollys Coffee first before you reach this place.
After dinner, I went back to my apartment to receive CNBLUE concert tickets from 재희's parents ^^ They are really nice and warm people, and I like them the moment I saw them!!  Feel very bad that they have to come all the way to my place to pass this to me. Words can't express how thankful I am to them and to my dear friend, 재희. 정말감사합니다 ^^ Hmm...I think it is rather inconvenient to book Korean concert tickets online. You got to have a Korean address and the tickets will be mailed only to the Korean address....
I went off to Hongdae for more retail therapy after 재희's parents left. My craving for cakes started to act up again and I decided to give 코코브루니 Coco Bruni a second chance becos I was disappointed with their cake during my first visit:
I think I bought Tiramisu cake this time hahaha I couldn't remember. Hmmm....I still don't like their cake....It is not to the extend that it tasted awful but I can find many nicer cakes elsewhere...

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