Monday, 21 December 2015

22 Oct 2015 - Highly recommended place for Lavender cake ^^

Came here for their cakes ^^

The cafe is opposite this school.

I reached here at 2pm but not all cakes were ready....
Did I came too early???
So disappointed....
But the lady recommended their signature cake, Lavender cake to me.

Indeed their signature cake..
This was the best cake I have eaten!!
Every bit was infused with lavender.
Not overwhelming but a light lingering lavender taste & aroma from the beginning till the end ^^
I had the urge to order a second slice but I controlled...
Sooo heavenly good!!
I'll be back for you!!
Although I did not try the other cakes but I believed they will be delicious too ^^
I reached Apujeong Station, exit 4 at 2pm and reached 에딸프 Etalp at 2.16pm.
You can also get to 에딸프 Etalp from Sinsa Station, exit 8.  

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