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19 Oct 2015 - A very very satisfying meal

Dinner at 새참광주리.
It may be a bit hard to find this place as its tucked away in the busy street of Hongdae.
The entrance is not very obvious.
From this picture, I think the Trick Eye Museum is on the left side of the eatery but it is not captured here..

My picture is not clear but you can check out for a clearer picture lol
They have English Menu ^^
Although there were not much varieties but its worth to come.
2 types of set meals.
The first set is Pork Bulgogi with soup (choose either Soybean Sauce or Spicy flavour).
Second set is Bossam (boiled pork slices) with soup (choose either doenjang jjigae or spicy squid stew).
They also have chicken porridge ^^
I chose the former.
It was almost 8.30pm when I reached here.
 I think refill of rice and banchan is allowed cos I saw two Korean girls helping themselves to the rice and banchan.
The reason why I came here was becos of the basket 광주리 hahaha
I like the idea that they served their food in this basket.
Feels like eating home cooked food in a village  ^^
It feels good!
And it tasted really really delicious!!
My spicy pork bulgogi was very tender and tasty.  
Actually, I don't find it spicy ^^
I finished every bit of the food that you see in this picture.
Strongly recommend this place if you are in Hongdae!!
I think they have another outlet in Gangnam but I am not too sure if it is still there.
Nearest subway station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.
It will take less than 10mins to reach 새참광주리.

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