Monday, 21 December 2015

22 Oct 2015 - Nakseongdae 낙성대공원

Decided to check out Nakseongdae Park낙성대공원.
Took the subway to Nakseongdae Station, exit 4 and walked to the park.
It wasn't that far.
 I started walking from exit 4 at 12.07pm and reached the park at 12.22pm.
Walk straight from exit 4 for about 4 mins and you will see this directional sign at a road junction.

A bronze statue of General Kang Gam-chan on horseback.

The park is not big to me mainly becos I didn't take the walking trail lol
It was getting warm and I wanted to go to Garosu-gil.

I like the peaceful surrounding...

A three-storied stone pagoda

The memorial stone of General Kang Gam-chan.

Strolling along the road towards Seoul National Univ.
Thought of going to the Museum of Art but I gave up cos it was so hot ㅎㅎㅎ

I took bus no.2 at 1.17pm from the bus stop "서울과학전시관 Seoul Exhibit Hall" to Nakseongdae Station.
The bus arrived somewhere near Nakseongdae Station at 1.21pm.
It was somewhere near the station, exit 4.
I marked a "X" as shown in the picture becos it does not look like a bus stop to me lol

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