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10 Oct 2012 - Learning experience for my journey to 영주 풍기 인삼 축제

Back to my trip updates. The itinerary for the day was a trip to Punggi Ginseng Festival and a visit to the nearby ginseng farm 인삼 농장 & Ginseng Market 인삼 시장 ^^  This year, the festival commenced from 6 Oct 2012 till 14 Oct 2012.

Woke up early to catch the bus to Punggi. My breakfast, garlic loaf from Paris Baguette which I bought last night before heading back to my hotel. Not very nice cos its tough. Maybe its becos its left overnight.

I took the subway to Gangbyeon Station for Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. It was drizzling but surprisingly not very cold. I wanted to catch the bus that departs for Punggi at 7.30am and I managed to reach Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at about 7.12am. I was dumbfounded when the counter lady told me there is no bus to Punggi.  Huhh???

Which smart alec put this link bus schedule online??? I was searching for various ways to get to Punggi and came across the web page. So happy when I stumbled upon the web page and even thought it was a marvellous web page! I even send the link to KTO to confirm if it was updated. The reply was yes...................................

The counter lady told me there is only a bus to Yeongju Bus Terminal 영주버스터미널 and it will take 2 hours to reach Yeongju. Okay fine. I read about getting to Punggi via Yeongju.  I asked her what bus should I take from Yeongju to Punggi.  She repiled,"모르겠어."  I don't blame her since Korea is so big.  I decided to get to Yeongju and see how things go from there. Although I knew Yeongju is not very far from Punggi but I couldn't help feeling uncertain. 

My ticket to Yeongju Bus Terminal.  The bus will depart at 7.45am.
 Go to the washroom if you need to becos there is no toilet break along the journey.

Punggi Ginseng Festival!  Wait up for me.

Look for the platform.  I had to go to platform 18 for my bus.  

There you are.

Sometimes the bus may not be parked at where they are supposed to park. There is usually an 아저씨 ahjussi around whom you can check with. Just show him your ticket and he will direct you to the correct bus bay. The bus driver will also check your ticket when you board the bus.  I asked the bus driver how long it will take to reach Yeongju. He said 2 hours 30 mins. Hmmmm..the counter lady told me 2 hours...but I think I trust the bus driver.  The bus driver was so nice. He even said to me, "Have a nice trip!  Yes. He said that in English ^^

Spacious seatings arrangement and comfy seats as well.

안녕 Seoul.  I will see you this late afternoon again  ^^  

Reached Yeongju.  Can you see those apple trees??  This was my first time to see real apple trees so I was really excited ^^   Okay, call me a country bumpkin whatever. 상관 없어.
I read about Yeongju Apple Festival is somewhere in October and I think Yeongju is famous for apples. Now I know why I had to take a bus to Yeongju instead of Punggi ㅎㅎㅎ

I still want to upload the picture even though it was blur...

Filled with joy and excitement ㅎㅎㅎ

I wonder what agriculture is this  

사과를 먹고 싶어!

Apples everywhere...

My bus left Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at 7.45am sharp and reached Yeongju Bus terminal at 10.15am.  

Erhhh...What should I do now??
I went to the counter to check whether there's any bus to Punggi.
The taxi stand was located behind the bus terminal as shown by the red arrow.  

If anyone needs to know...

I was just trying my luck to see if there's any bus to Punggi 풍기.  Guess what?  There was really bus to Punggi! The ticket cost only KRW1500.  However, the next bus departing for Punggi will only arrive at 11.05am and the bus journey will take about 20mins.  Oh dear, I have to wait for another hour. I bought the bus ticket but regretted cos I didn't want to waste my time waiting for the next bus. I need to catch the Mugungwha train which will depart at 2.15pm for Cheongnyangni. There was no train from Punggi to Seoul or Yongsan but only Cheongnyangni.

Since a bus journey to Punggi will take 20mins, I supposed it will not be too expensive to take a taxi there.  Hence, I decided to take a taxi to Punggi.  It was 10.25am when I took the taxi.

Many taxis in the queue..

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