Saturday, 27 October 2012

9 Oct 2012 - Lunching on mountain top ^^

Just follow the direction and you will reach here.  I think its a level up from the cable car platform.  

Reminds me of the story about the tortoise and hare.

Nice environment for a meal or even a drink ^^

Yes, I had my lunch here ^^

The menu is in Korean.  Thankfully I can identify most of the dishes.

The cashier flashed out this English menu right away when I placed my order for 해물파전 Haemul Pajeon. prounication must have sounded terrible.  고마워요 이모 ^^

It was a bit chilly outside but I still want to enjoy my food in this beautiful surroundings.  

My iced lemonade.  I think I ordered the wrong drink. I should have ordered a hot drink since it was cold up here.  In Korea, I have to say "Iced" instead of using the word "Cold" whenever I want to order a cold drink.  I noticed the service crew/cashier will look puzzled whenever I used the word "Cold".  My 해물파전 Haemul Pajeon costs KRW9000 and iced lemonade cost KRW4000.

My lunch, my favourite 해물파전. Haemul Pajeon  ^^  
I have always wanted to eat seafood pancake but was afraid that I could not finish it by myself. This time, I ordered one seafood pancake for myself becos I was super duper hungry!!! This may not be the best Korean seafood pancake that I have ever ate but it was satisfying ^^ It was about 2.20pm when I finished my lunch. I have to hurry up a bit becos the pick up time for the city tour bus was 3.10pm.

I still have less than 10 mins to hang around here so I took a quick walk around the place. 

Nicee ^^

Omg...Donghwasa is 2km away...

The view was very nice.  This picture could be better but I dare not get too close to the edge and there were some people in front of me. 

Koreans like love locks a lot, isn't it?
May love last and be there for all couples ^^

I wish I had more time to explore what's down there.

Its time to head back. 안녕 팔공산 ㅜㅜ

Guess what?
Suddenly, I remembered I did not used my city tour bus ticket to enjoy discount for my lunch!

송중기!  I like him. He is cute  Hahahaaa...

I took the main road to get back to where I got off from the red bus no.1. 

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