Sunday 28 October 2012

9 Oct 2102 - Getting to Jihye's shop - 죠스떡볶이

I took the subway to Seongseo Industrial Complex Station 성서산업단지역, exit 8. I always enjoy taking the stairs in Korea but its an agony to see stairs, steps and slopes at this moment.. My legs were still aching from the hike. Surprisingly, it felt worse to walk down the stairs and not up the stairs.

Walk straight from exit 8. 

Past by Lotte Cinema. 

Walk straight all the way and you will come to the first traffic light.  Cross it. 

I saw some shopping area on my right before crossing the road. Jihye always said her neighbourhood is very boring and she was very worried that I will get bored in Daegu.  So far, it has not been a boring day for me in Daegu.  Hahahaaa...

Saw this big signage after crossing the road.  Oh its a Chinese hotel.

Saw Hotel Saint Western after the big signage

Saw some residentials across the road. 

Buses serving this area...

I reached the second traffic light. Mcdonald is just across the road.  I didn't really study the directions that Jihye gave me. I just depend on what I remembered from the map in Jihye's blog . At this point of time, something made me turned to my right instead of getting across to Mcdonald.   

Jaws Topokki 죠스떡볶이!! That's Jihye's shop! Thank god I didn't missed it!   Therefore, instead of getting across to Mcdonald, I turned right and cross the road.  Jaws Topokki is a very common but popular food chain in Korea.  

It took me about 10 mins from Seongseo Industrial Complex Station, exit 8 to reach here.

The place was clean and neat. I told Jihye's boyfriend that he must bring Jihye for the cable car ride up to Mount Palgong in Nov becos its a great place for dating ㅋㅋㅋ  He smiled shyly. 

Jihye gave me a bit of each different food served in her shop. I used to be afraid of sundae 순대 but this sundae was awesome! Jihye told me Jaws Topokki has their special recipe. Oh I see...
The tempura used sesame leaves ie Perilla leaves which has a strong flavour. I didn't like the strong flavour when I first tasted it many years ago but I am getting used to it now, except if it was served as a 반찬 banchan.  In this case, I felt the Perilla leaves gave the tempura a different twist of taste from the usual tempura.  I liked it.
Jihye asked if the topokki was too spicy for me. Well, it was a little spicy for me but still ok. Its only that I am not a fan of topokki. This is puzzling to me as well becos I love Korean food so much and yet I don't really like topokki. The little pouch in the picture was known as 유부주머니 Fried tofu pockets. If I did not hear wrongly, Jihye said every Jaws Toppoki outlets have their own specialty and 유부주머니 was the specialty in this outlet. The wrap used was something like dried beancurd skin and the main ingredient inside was vermicelli.  It was light and tasty. I finished everything including the topokki ^^
I reached Jihye's shop at about 4.50pm and I got to leave the shop latest by 5.20pm.  The crowd for dinner time started to come in and Jihye got really busy. I bidded them good bye and rushed off to the subway station.  Although it was very rushing but I was very happy to see my friend doing well ^^  

I think I lost my mind hahahaa becos I didn't think where I was walking and I got lost. I approached two young boys who were in their school uniforms for the nearest subway station. Without second thought, they offered to bring me there!! 
Omg...they were such nice kids. I think they are about 14 years old??  I asked them which is nearer, Igok station 이곡역 or Seongseo Industrial Complex Station 성서산업단지역. They said Igok station would be nearer. Their kind offer to walk me to the station made me thought that the station was not far away. I think we walked for about 15-20 it was not really that near. The fact is despite having to walk 15-20mins, the boys still offer to bring me there. I was really touched by their kindness.  It was 5.45pm by the time I reached Igok station, exit 6. The train journey will take about 30mins to reach Dongdaegu subway station. I knew I will not be able to make it for my KTX which departs at 6.10pm but its ok.  

I reached Dongdaegu Train Station at about 6.28pm and managed to get a KTX ticket that departs at 6.34pm. I need to pay a minimum fees for a new ticket since it was a departure time later than my original time.  Thank god, there were still available seats.  After payment, I dashed off to the platform to board my train. First class seats were more comfortable but like I said, I can do without it for a 2-3 hours train journey. I will probably take a domestic flight if the journey is too long becos I think domestic flights could be cheaper.

More spacious.

I reached Seoul Station at about 8.30pm.  A tiring but happy day  ^^

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