Sunday, 21 October 2012

9 Oct 2012 - Off to visit Jihye ^^

Something to fill my stomach before I set off to Seoul Station for Dongdaegu to visit my dear friend, Jihye in Daegu. I am not sure if this is a new flavour, 토피넛 바나나맛우유 Toffee Banana Milk but I don't remember seeing this flavour in my previous trip. Quite nice though a bit sweet.

I went to take some hot water from the pantry and saw that breakfast was ready by 5am.  It was a simple spread and the same thing every morning but I think that's quite nice.

My train departs at 7am and I reached Seoul station about 10mins before 7am *Sweat
I will alight at Dongdaegu but the final station is 부산 Busan. Don't be mistaken. The tickets cost much more than KRW7900.  KRW7900 was the difference which I topped up because I wanted to try the first class seat in KTX. The price stated on the website for KR pass is meant for economy fare only. One will need to pay the difference over at the counter when you exchange your online KR coupon for your KR pass. Of course, first class seat is more comfortable but after experiencing, I can do without it. I just wanna see the difference.

6.53am. I made a dash to buy my breakfast from Lotteria.  

There will be another LED screen to guide you before taking the escalator down to the tracks.  As shown from the screen, my train will be at platform 8.

Double confirmed that I am on the right train. 
Announcements on the screen will be available in both Korean and English

Actually, I wanted to try the new rice burger but its not available!  왜???  So sad and I decided to give the spicy chicken burger a second chance. Nope. I will not eat this again.  McSpicy Chicken burger from Mcdonald is so much more delicious.

Milk is cheap!  I saw the service crew pouring out the milk from a carton into a cup. Is that why its cheaper? 

There will be a staff pushing trolley for sales of food and drinks on the train.
Besides bread, I saw simple bento as well. 

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